Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Updates on Microsoft RMS Store Operations, One Step Retail Solutions, NCR Silver, Big Hairy Dog, and Spark Systems Solutions

A quick reminder that sales of Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ to new users as well as mainstream support ends next year (2016) so please keep that in mind if you are thinking of purchasing RMS or HQ as point of sale software for your business or organization.

A few updates for previous DirectPOS customers as well as all users of Microsoft RMS Store Operations and Store Operations HQ.

It appears that Spark Systems Solutions has delayed establishing an office presence in the Boise, ID and Spokane, WA area. They do have technicians working from home in each city so there is still full local support for current and future Micro's users (but no showroom to see the different types of systems).  I will pass along address information once I hear that they have established an office presence in Boise and Spokane. In the meantime, you can reach them via phone at (801) 486-2151 (also known as Cowans Restaurant Solutions - Salt Lake City, UT).

Ada Cash Register continues to provide sales, service, and programming for Samsung cash registers as well as supplies for cash registers and computer based point of sale systems. You can reach Ada Cash Register at 208-407-2202.

RITE has started their expansion westward and will be offering multiple retail point of sale systems in the states of ID, OR, WA, UT, MT, NV, and WY with a special focus on the Boise, ID, Spokane, WA and Salt Lake City, UT markets.

I've had a few calls and email about NCR Silver - especially since I was previously able to offer significantly discounted pricing for NCR Silver. As I am no longer able to offer the discounted pricing, you can contact NCR Silver directly at 877-630-9711 or visit for more information.

It appears that One Step Retail Solutions out of Phoenix, AZ is only interested in supporting NCR CounterPoint customers (based on calls and emails received). They will support RMS and RMS HQ customers - but for a fee.  Present Microsoft RMS, RMS HQ, and Microsoft POS 2007/2009 customers can contact Microsoft directly at 888-477-7877 for support (free, if you are current on your software maintenance) or to be referred to a different Microsoft RMS/POS/HQ partner.

Finally, things have been very quiet at Microsoft regarding the future plans for RMS/HQ/POS 2007/2009.  There are rumors that the software is being "abandoned" but no official word has been communicated (one way or the other) from Microsoft.  If you currently use any of the Microsoft point of sale products, then you may want to just start thinking about looking at a different solution like Retail Pro.  I know several single and multi-location retail stores that use Retail Pro. A good source for Retail Pro is Big Hairy Dog.

I've known Big Hairy Dog for 10+ years and they are committed to providing affordable point of sale solutions along with great customer service.  They are located in Sacramento, CA and can be reached at 800-377-7776. You can also go to their website at (there is a history behind the funny name but they are a true 'survivor' as a retail point of sale solution provider).

Long post - I'll wrap things up by saying that I wish that One Step Retail Solutions and Spark System Solutions/Cowans Restaurant Solutions would have been more honest about their plans which would have made it easier to communicate to my former customer base.

Are you in the US and in need of no cost retail point of sale advice? I'm happy to help and can be reached on my cell at 208-340-5632 (mountain time) or via email at

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