Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Update from NCR on MasterCard Terminal ID Requirement

A quick update from NCR (CounterPoint point of sale software) related to how they are handling the upcoming MasterCard unique terminal ID requirement for credit card processing:

Counterpoint MasterCard Terminal ID Update

This message serves as an update to NCR's communication in May regarding our efforts to support the new MasterCard Terminal ID requirement.  Since our last communication, we’ve completed the following development activities:
  • Changed V7 to support the MasterCard Terminal requirement for CPGateway.  This will be available in a V7 service pack to be delivered before the end of July.
  • Changed NCR Counterpoint to support the MasterCard Terminal requirement for CPGateway and NCR Secure Pay.  This change will be available in NCR Counterpoint service pack and later. is planned to be released by the end of July.
  • Changed CPGateway’s interface to Chase Paymentech to support the MasterCard Terminal requirement.  This change is in testing and will be promoted to production before the end of July.  It will require the version of either V7 or NCR Counterpoint released later this month to take advantage of the change, but it is backward compatible, meaning that it will not negatively impact previous versions of V7 or NCR Counterpoint.
At this point, NCR is dependent on individual processor support for the new requirement, and we are staying abreast of processor efforts to do so.  When our versions of V7 and NCR Counterpoint are released later in July, we will send another update to our merchant and partner community regarding status.           

As background, MasterCard is instituting a new fraud prevention policy requiring POS systems, like NCR Counterpoint, to send a unique identifier from the workstation/terminal where credit card transactions take place.  The idea is that, in the event of a breach, this will allow quicker understanding of whether there is a location-wide problem, or if the issue is relegated to one or more POS terminals. MasterCard has not released an enforcement date but, based on information from other sources, we expect enforcement to start at the end of 2014.

I can't stress enough how important it is to stay current on your software maintenance so you receive these updates - whether you use CounterPoint, Micro's, Microsoft RMS/POS/HQ, Retail Pro, General Store, Comcash, etc. If you use a software as a service point of sale program (pay a monthly fee) like LightSpeed, NCR Silver, or Harbortouch then you generally receive software updates as part of your monthly subscription fee.

Click here for more information on what the new Mastercard unique terminal ID requirement is all about.

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