Friday, November 30, 2012

Point of Sale email marketing

$10,007 in sales generated from one email marketing campaign.  That is what one retailer just shared with me.  Not only is the sales total very impressive but so it the fact that the retailer was able to track the full email marketing campaign from total emails sent to number of emails read to total sales generated by the campaign.  And this was all done from their point of sale system - not a third party email marketing program like Constant Contact.

This retailer uses the CounterPoint point of sale solution from DirectPOS. CounterPoint is unique in that the software has an available email marketing tool called Customer Connect (this website has a video overview:  Rather than using third party email marketing programs, Customer Connect actively collects data using customer purchase history, customer segmentation (specific products that the customer has expressed interest in) and customer activity to send targeted emails automatically.

Besides normal newsletters, Customer Connect can automatically send out standard emails like "We Miss You" (for customers who have not shopped in the store within a set time frame), "Thank-You" emails (send after certain purchasing criteria are met), and more.  Because the Customer Connect is part of the CounterPoint point of sale system, the emails can be more targeted and automatic than what third party email marketing software can offer.

Even better, Customer Connect can track the full marketing campaign.  All the details are provided including number of emails sent, number of emails opened, number of emails clicked through, number of emails flagged as spam, and - most importantly - total sales generated by the email campaign.

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