Monday, October 8, 2012

Complaints on "Free" Point of Sale

I've mentioned before that there is no such thing as a 'free' point of sale system. When reading the details, you'll likely see hidden fees and/or ending up paying a higher than normal amount for credit card processing. Even 'nominal' monthly fees can add up to $3500 or more over the course of 5 years - about the same as the cost to purchase a complete point of sale system. Yet, with the 'free' point of sale systems you never actually own anything!

Harbortouch has been getting quite a few complaints lately.  Here are some links to check out why Harbortouch may not be a sound choice for a point of sale system:

And Harbortouch's repsonse:

As retail professionals, we all know that no point of sale system is free - you either pay up front, pay monthly, pay through misc. fee's, or pay via hidden charges (just paying higher than average credit card processing fee's can cost you $1800 or more annually).  Do your homework and you will likely find that 'free' will cost you the same in the long run as most other point of sale systems.

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