Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Avoiding the "Blame Game"

No matter what the economic conditions are, it seems some retailers look for any way possible to save some money when investing in a retail point of sale system.  Many times they end up purchasing the point of sale software from one vendor, the computers from a different vendor, and the peripherals (cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, etc.) from yet another vendor.  In the end, they save a few bucks but also set themselves up for what is know as the "blame game".

Loosely defined, the blame game is when one vendor blames problems on the other vendor and the retailer is stuck in the middle (all while still trying to run a business).  Say that the receipt printer stops working - the vendor that provided the receipt printer will blame the software vendor and vice versa.  Not fun to deal with when your system is down.

Best advice is to always purchase everything (computers, software, peripherals, training, installation and on-going support) from one vendor. While it may appear to cost more initially, you will have one vendor to call for everything related to your point of sale system - no blame game!

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