Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Point of Sale Systems for Bowling Pro Shop Retailers

I've had multiple retailers contact me who are opening bowling pro shops. Note that these are either stand alone stores or stores within a bowling alley. They do not handle rentals, concessions, or interfacing with any scoring system.

Overall, the needs are fairly simple and stick with the core POS functions like tracking inventory, purchasing, receiving, customer information, and gift cards.

Because the needs are fairly straightforward, you would likely want to stay away from the higher end systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX, NetSuite, LightSpeed, and NCR CounterPoint as you would likely never use all the features and functions that these retail point of sale software programs offer.

Square Store and NCR Silver would be good simple starter POS systems. If you want a bit more on the feature/function side of things, then look at Shopkeep, Bindo, Lavu, and Cloud Retailer for those of you wanting subscription based software. If you prefer "buy it and own it" software, then Retail Management Hero is a good option.

You may also find that your association has some preferred vendors. One pro shop owner was kind enough to let me know that they went with Clover POS (which is part of First Data who offers discounted rates to Pro Shop's via the BPAA). Another let me know that they use Square and a third pro shop owner called to let me know that they use QuickBooks POS.

Have more than one store? Have general questions? Please contact me for more in depth advice at 208-340-5632 or kevinantosh@gmail.com.

The bowling pro shops that I am in contact with should be deciding on a POS system shortly (1 has signed on with Square and 1 has signed on with Cloud Retailer) so I'll update this post as I receive updated information from these retailers.

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